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Bright Minds, Bright Futures: The Transformative Power of Education

        At Spark Ventures, we are committed to our mission of providing sustainable solutions to lift communities out of poverty and empower future leaders. Education is an essential part of Spark’s mission because it is key to individual sustainability, helping to break...

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04 December
  |   community programs, mexico, social entrepreneurship, social good, Uncategorized, women's empowerment

Recicla San Pancho: Ecological Sustainability at Entreamigos

Entreamigos has a widespread impact on the personal community of San Pancho, but their reach continues to extend even further. For over ten years, Entreamigos has partnered with universities in Mexico, the United States, and Europe to provide internship opportunities to college students. For six...

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28 September
  |   mexico, staff

Welcome, Indira: Entreamgios’ New Director

        Entreamigos, Spark’s partner in San Pancho, Mexico, has been blessed with incredible leadership and staff. Since 2006, Entreamigos has dedicated themselves to San Pancho’s youth and their families. Through environmentalism, women’s and youth programming, Entreamigos has and continues to empower the...

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27 June
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Vaccine Rollouts In Our Partner Locations

  While life seems to be getting back to normal in the U.S., our partners are still dealing with the crushing impact of the pandemic. Developing countries like Zambia, Mexico & Nicaragua and underserved neighborhoods like Englewood on Chicago’s south side, are still experiencing staggering unemployment...

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24 May