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Work in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua: Women Leaders in Latin America


In 2013 Spark Ventures expanded our partnerships to include Las Tías in León, Nicaragua. Las Tías was started by 8 business women in 1989 after the revolution in their country. They began reaching out to street children and 20 years later, they had two thriving community centers providing meals, education, health care, and job skills training – serving over 150 youth annually.


But their funding sources were slowly disappearing, jeopardizing their high-impact work. Spark stepped in to cover salaries, expand their meal program and hire additional social workers to support the mental health of children coming from unstable homes or with a history of child abuse.


Spark Ventures has also invested in an agricultural project that has created jobs and will generate future revenue to support Las Tías. On this farm, we have planted cacao and plantain trees and invested in honeybee hives. This social enterprise will help support Las Tías and their work serving vulnerable youth in Nicaragua.


Since the launch of our partnership in 2013, more than 120 people have traveled with Spark to support this work, helping expand the Las Tías library, helping with leadership succession, creating a new children’s activity room and even planting trees on the farm.

"Spark Ventures instills transparency and consistent collaboration with our partner organizations via multiple, ongoing touch-points, including: weekly calls, monthly reports, quarterly visits and an annual audit."

"Supplemental nutrition programming supported by Spark Ventures reaches close to 150 children in Nicaragua - for some of the children served, it is their only warm meal of the day."

"Launching a business to build our organizational sustainability is an incredible step to ensure we can continue to prepare future leaders of Nicaragua."

Corina Álvarez, co-founder of Las Tías

Before (2013)


Annual funding on decline


No adolescent meal program & outdated facilities


Minimal social work for abused children


Struggling with leadership transitions

After (Today)


Steady funding for staff & programs


Expanded meal program, renovated kitchens


Hiring of new social workers


Succession planning & strategy work


Investment in farm with honey, fruit & cacao for future revenue


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