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Work in Zambia

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Zambia: Our Founding Partnership


Through our partnership, Hope Ministries provides high-impact nutrition, education and healthcare programming to over 540 vulnerable children in Zambia.


At the launch of the Spark Ventures partnership, Hope served 70 children in a rented facility with no paid staff, no supplies, meals or health services. Today, Hope has a thriving campus serving over 450 children and their families year-round. Each day students often receive their only or best meal of the day here. They are tested and treated for malaria and other diseases, and they are receiving one of the best primary educations in the area. They have maintained a 100% primary school graduation rate for every class since 2010.


Spark has created over 40 jobs through partnership support, including agriculture jobs through a poultry farm and vegetable farm launched to contribute profits back to the school.


Since 2007, over 400 Spark travelers have helped with leadership training & financial accountability, launched & supported a computer lab, inspired hundreds of children through a reading program, spent time in the classroom teaching students & learning alongside Hope staff & teachers and provided medical care through annual clinics.

"Before the pandemic they had 3 laptops to teach the Computer Studies curriculum… now they have 30."

"Spark Ventures instills transparency and consistent collaboration with our partner organizations via multiple, ongoing touch-points, including: weekly calls, monthly reports, quarterly visits and an annual audit."

"Since 2021, all teachers have Chromebooks which they use for administrative tasks, creating tests and worksheets, supplementing their curriculum, sharing online content, etc."

"Hope Community School boasts a 100% primary school graduation (compared to a national average graduation rate of 88.5%)."

"The programs and operations are designed so as not to perpetuate a dependency syndrome in the communities they are operating, but to make them self sustainable. As the African proverb states, ‘It takes the whole village to raise a child.’ In this case it is a global village."

Head Teacher Ng’oma - Hope Community School Spark Ventures Social Impact Partner, Zambia

Before (2006)


70 children


Rented facility


No meals, no healthcare


No textbooks, supplies


No paid staff

After (Today)


Over 550 children


Campus with school & clinic & computer lab


Daily meals, bi-annual clinics, library stocked with books, preschool


Books, uniforms, computer lab, computer lab w/ 30 Chromebooks


17 School faculty + numerous other jobs


25 acre vegetable farm


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