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Spark Signature Experience: Entreamigos 2024

  |   community programs, mexico, partnership trip, women's empowerment

        ¡Hola Entreamigos! An incredible group of Spark travelers visited our partner organization in San Pancho, Mexico in the beginning of February. For four packed days, enthusiastic and passionate Spark travelers focused on making a lasting and sustainable impact by learning about and engaging with the meaningful and mutually beneficial work of Entreamigos. While experiencing the sights, sounds, and flavors of San Pancho, this intrepid group directly participated in the transformative endeavors of Entreamigos. Let’s find out what they were up to- ¡vamos!


        After a long day of travel, our group settled into their boutique accommodations. While chatting and getting to know one another, they watched the sunset. Spark traveler and Associate Board Member Aneil Baron was struck by the picturesque nature of the town. For dinner, the group shared a delicious, locally-sourced meal at a nearby restaurant. Sonrían, Spark travelers!



        The travelers’ first full day in San Pancho was spent learning about the town’s unique history and visiting Entreamigos. Two talented members of the Women’s Group, Dulce and Giovanna, demonstrated how to make crafts from melted recycled plastics. ¡Maravillosa! Spark traveler Lee Kuker loved visiting the Women’s Group and loved learning more about how Dulce and Giovanna felt empowered to support themselves, their families, and give back to the community. Programs like the Women’s Group are integral to individual and community health and development.






        On Day Two, our Spark travelers joined a field trip with the excited & energetic Entreamigos’ afterschool program for at-risk youth: the Jungle Group! It was amazing to share laughter and fun times with these students. They participated in a tour at Capomo Coffee Plantation and a scavenger hunt. 



        Everyone was feeling silly after enjoying the afternoon with this wonderful group. Here’s Spark’s Events and Communications Manager Katie Gustafson- who would’ve loved to stay behind with the Jungle Group!



        Later in the evening, the travelers savored some peace and quiet with a relaxing picnic at the beach. ¡Delicioso!



        After a night catching some z’s at the hotel, the Spark travelers set off on another adventure: making tortillas! This was the perfect activity to do while reminiscing about their favorite memories from the trip. Check out Chair of Spark’s Associate Board Jason Kuker- working hard or hardly working?



        During their incredible trip to visit Entreamigos, the Spark travelers experienced the impact of Spark’s work. They saw the transformative power of the Women’s Group, the vibrant center and shops at Entreamigos, and the staff and volunteer’s dedication to supporting at-risk youth. It was an unforgettable journey full of wonderful memories and lifelong friendships. ¡Hasta luego, Entreamigos!



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