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Hope Community School Welcomes New Staff

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        Hope Community School in Zambia provides high-impact education, nutrition and healthcare programming to over 550 children who face many barriers to achieving their full potential. Since 2006, Spark Ventures and Hope staff, volunteers, and teachers have created a thriving campus that serves families and students year-round. Initially, Hope was supported solely on a volunteer basis; now, they have a strong foundation of paid staff that work as teachers, administrators, agricultural staff, and program operators. We are thrilled to share that the Hope family is growing! Join us in welcoming three new Hope staff members: Ester, Poho, and John!


Ester Phiri has a rich background in Early Childhood Education, with a Bachelor’s degree and over three years of experience.Her previous role with Impact Network Organization honed her skills in curriculum development, teacher supervision, and e-learning programs. Ester is passionate about enhancing educational quality and believes in making learning an enjoyable, play-centered experience for children. Her dedication to prompt communication, support for educators, and practical approach to teacher

 training and classroom observation will make her an invaluable addition to Hope’s educational staff. Welcome, Ester!




Poho Jorsen joins the Hope team with extensive experience in agricultural science. With an Agricultural Science Secondary Teachers’ Diploma, Poho has been able to refine his skills at Moonde and Libala Elementary Schools, and has worked as a Farm Supervisor As

sistant at Kwaze Farms. With a lifelong passion for agriculture and a love for nature, Poho’s mission is to impart valuable knowledge to Hope learners, enabling them to succeed in their agricultural endeavors and beyond. Welcome, Poho!




With more than ten years of experience in design and tailoring, John Ng’andwe is an exciting new member of the Hope staff. John is a proud graduate of Mansa Trades School, where he obtained a trade certificate in 2010. He has had positions in no table institutions such Zambia Perfect Textile and Brands Ltd. and Eagles Wings School. His drive to impart his knowledge, develop innovative designs, and increase the range of products the school offers is a clear indication of his enthusiasm for teaching. John’s talent, work ethic, and passion for creative development are important attributes that will contribute to the many talents of Hope’s team and empower students with valuable vocational skills. Welcome, John!



        Today, Hope Community School is a flourishing hub of learning, healthy development, and fun. This incredible environment is only possible because of the energy, passion, and dedication of the Hope staff. Since 2010, this staff has seen an amazing success rate in their students, with a 100% primary school graduation rate and recently scoring #1 out of 149 schools in the district. With dedicated individualized student support, nutritious meals, and healthcare, , the Hope staff are consistently implementing initiatives that help students dream big and achieve their goals. We are so happy to welcome Ester, Poho and John to a community that continues to grow and shine!