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Charting Success: How Hope Community School Empowers Students to Excel

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        At Hope Community School, vulnerable students receive incredible educational opportunities that change lives. Dedicated educators, staff, and Spark volunteers inspire students to learn, grow, and dream about their futures. Hope prepares its students for success in and out of the classroom; they receive a high quality education, nutritious meals, and physical & emotional healthcare. The programs at Hope have consistently improved and the teachers are invested in innovating their


curriculum to provide students with the best education they can receive. One of the innovations is the “Zooming with Zambia” program, which began as a way to stay connected to Hope when Spark’s trips were paused during the COVID-19  pandemic. The program has evolved to include access to computers and the internet, technology in the classrooms, elevated collaborations with Hope teachers, and weekly tutoring sessions between Spark volunteers and Hope students that focus on national exam test prep in the areas of math and computer science. The impact of the dedicated teachers, hard working students, and committed “Zooming with Zambia” volunteers has been incredible. 


        Recently, students took the Zambian National Exam. All the students in grade 7 achieved a 100% pass rate for the 13th year in a row! Compared to the national average of 60%, the students performed exceptionally well. Grade 9 experienced tremendous growth in 2023; the grade averaged a 78% pass rate with over 80% on the mathematics exam. Nationally, the 2023 grade 9 pass rate was 53%. It’s truly incredible to see that not only did individual students perform with strength and confidence, but the success rates of Hope’s grade 7 and  9 students  widely surpassed national averages!


        Following the release of the exam results, a ceremony was held to honor distinguished educators and make a special announcement. At this year’s ceremony, Hope School’s very own Head Teacher N’goma was acknowledged publicly for instructing one of the best performing schools nationwide, which is an immense achievement for a community school. As a community school, Hope serves the most vulnerable children in its community who are enrolled at any age, regardless of whether or not they’ve attended school prior to Hope. On behalf of Hope Community School, Teacher N’goma received this special commendation and the news that a Hope student has been accepted into Hillcrest Secondary School! The Hillcrest National STEM Secondary School in Livingston is a prestigious national high school that admits select, outstanding students who performed in the top ranks of the national exam. Grade 7 student Winji Joshua Sinkala earned the highest scores on the national exam ever recorded at Hope School and, as a result of his exceptional performance, received an offer to attend Hillcrest. Congratulations to Head Teacher N’goma, Winji, and all the students and educators at Hope School for their impressive achievements!


        Winji is an exceptional child with a passion for learning. He was born in Chililabombwe, a small mining town in Zambia. Along with his twin sister, Winji has two other siblings. He and his family faced the sudden and devastating loss of their father in 2011, when Winji was only six years old. In an attempt to provide for her children, Winji’s mother Agness Mulenga moved the family to Ndola, where her brother lives. She worked hard to support her family, but did not have enough extra income to send her children to government-funded schools. These primary schools can be located far away, and include extra expenses for items like uniforms & books. 


        In 2017, Agnes discovered Hope Community School. She immediately spoke with Head Teacher N’goma, who enrolled Winji and his sister. Hope provided an excellent education in a nurturing environment, along with meals, healthcare, and school supplies, giving them the necessities that allow students to succeed in the classroom.


        Winji was extremely dedicated to his studies and became a school prefect in 2022. In preparation for the 2023 grade 7 national exams, Winji studied hard, and received support from his teachers and Spark volunteers that built his skills and confidence. When it came time for the exams, Winji was ready and he performed at the highest level. We are so proud of you, Winji, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!


        At Hope Community School, children are prepared to achieve excellence through supportive teachers, an instructive curriculum, enriched programming, access to technology, and a team that cares for their physical and mental health. With a bright future ahead, Winji inspires us with his passion for learning and dedication to achieving his dreams. Thanks to the support of Hope Community School and Spark Ventures, young learners can reach their full potential and confidently pursue their goals.