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New Textbooks for Hope Community School

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New textbooks!! Thanks to our partnership with Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten, Hope School has brand new textbooks and teaching resources. The books arrived in April  and were immediately put to use – this was a huge need and the teachers and students are thrilled.



We received some wonderful thank yous direct from Zambia, thanking our community (and specifically our partners at Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten) for helping to provide new textbooks for their classrooms. We thought we’d share a few highlights from those thank you notes here, as well as some great photos of the students and teachers with the new resources.




Charles Mabo, Grade 3 Student

“I’m so excited and grateful because I’m now able to see the real pictures and read through the books right in front of me.”



Teacher Judy, Grade 6 Teacher

“I am teacher Judy, I teach grade six and I have 52 students. I am grateful for the books that we have received. I am excited because all the books for the eight subjects have been made available and as a result teaching and learning has become effective. Students are very excited because each one has copies of their own on their desks. Previously this was not the case. They can now read and see pictures in their books, making learning very interesting and more fun. As a teacher my work has been made easier, more effective and efficient. On behalf of the students, thank you so much. We promise to keep our new materials safe and put them to good use.”



Agness Nkhanta, Grade 2 Student

“My name is Agness Nkhanta. I am a grade two learner in teacher Loveness’s class. l am excited to have a text book in front of me as my teacher is teaching. I know that my reading and writing skills will improve. l will understand lessons better with a text book in front of me. Thank you so much.”




Teacher Dambire, Great 1 Teacher

I was very impressed and excited to see new books provided for our class. The books have changed my work culture. I used to write every work on the board. But now I can pass out the books to the learners to read on their own. The learners are very excited to see and handle the books. For many students, Grade 1 is the first time they are in school and the first time they have ever held a book in their hands.