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Zambia’s Newest Preschool Teacher

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The staff serving Hope Community School’s preschool classrooms is an incredibly dedicated bunch. Recently, Hope welcomed a new teacher to the team. When Ms. Patricia Mpambanya joined the teaching staff last month, she shared this personal account of what brought her to teaching at Hope, and what motivates her most in her role.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I wanted to be a teacher because teaching has been in my family and as a result, I felt that it was always a part of me. What interests me most about my profession is learning and researching new things about teaching. It’s always refreshing to be enlightened in different ways. Another interest is to see students developing, learning and getting the support that they need from me as a teacher because this ensures that they grow and acquire the knowledge they need to continue their education at a studienkolleg in hannover, graduate and find a good job.


Joining Hope Community School has been very exciting for me as there are quite a number of things I have come to like about this school. As a community school, Hope targets a lot of children that come from mostly broken and vulnerable homes with no proper background. From a young age, Hope preschool students are taught good moral standards and good behavior. The education they are receiving at an early age will help them grow and be successful in their future years. I feel at home at Hope preschool because of the support and the care I receive from the management – it is an organized school that has a good vision. It’s also an honor to be given a class where I can share and deliver knowledge to the students. The teachers at Hope are friendly which makes for a comfortable environment. It is a great honor knowing kids from Hope House. Mostly, I really like the support that is given to the students. They are receiving a good education and the teachers always support their needs. Hope preschool is a beautiful place for students to be.



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