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Investing in Education Through Healthcare

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A bi-annual clinic is an incredibly critical piece of the work we support through our local partner in Zambia. Providing basic healthcare services to the students and staff at Hope Community School is part of our work to empower them with the resources and opportunity to achieve their potential. In December, Hope Community School conducted the second clinic of 2016.


On day 1, the nurses saw children from grades four, five and six. On day 2, the other half of the children from grades one, two and three were seen. In total, 264 children and 16 staff members were given check-ups at the clinic.




(Above) A student is tested for malaria. (Left) Taking a student’s temperature. (Right) Students preparing for their check-ups.


Each clinic tests and treats for some of the most common ailments of the region. At this clinic, all of the children were checked for Malaria – the 2 students who tested positive were given treatment. All the students received preventative medication for worms, a treatment shown to be incredibly effective. Students were also all given multivitamins, screened for a variety of possible illness, and taught proper techniques for hand washing to prevent illness from spreading. Additionally, members of the Hope staff were checked and treated for illnesses.


Supporting quality healthcare is a vital piece of empowering these students to achieve their potential. We’re proud that our community supports this work.



(Above) Students learn proper hand-washing technique. (Left) Students lined up for their check-ups. (Right) Testing a student for malaria.


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