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A Fond Farewell: Lucy Jodlowska

  |   business development, community programs, news, organization, Photography, report from the field, spark ventures

At the end of this month the Spark Ventures team will bid farewell to Lucy Jodlowska, our Director of Social Impact Investments.


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After more than four years of significant contributions to the Spark Ventures mission, Lucy is moving on to explore new opportunities. Lucy has been at the center of Spark’s business driven philanthropy model with the poultry farm in Zambia and the Nicaragua agribusiness of honey and cacao. We are incredibly grateful for Lucy’s dedication, commitment and enormous efforts in our international work. We will be supporting her transition and following what are sure to be exciting days ahead.


Spark’s CEO, Rich Johnson had this to say about Lucy’s departure: “Lucy has been an important team player for Spark Ventures for over four years and we are incredibly thankful for her profound contributions to our mission. As a liaison and supporter of our partners and the business ventures, her role has been critical to the deep impact we have had in both Zambia and Nicaragua.”


While Lucy has contributed profoundly to the direction of our business development work in her four years on the team, Spark Ventures has also been blessed with her incredible photography skills. Much of the images on our site and in print materials have come from Lucy’s lens as she snapped photos during her work in-country. We’re featuring a few of our favorites here…


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We look forward to new opportunities on the horizon for the Spark Ventures team. Stay tuned for more on what’s next.