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Visiting the Adolescent Center

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Participants on our Nicaragua partnership trip do more than just see the sights–they interact with our partner organization, Las Tías, and the children the organization serves. In doing so they are able to gain an appreciation for the impact of programming for children of all ages.


One of the most innovative aspects of Las Tías is the vocational training that the organization offers the kids aged 14-18. After attending school during the day, they come to Las Tías to receive additional support and to learn skills that will aid them later in life. Classes in beauty, leather working, carpentry, and sewing are offered both during the week and on Saturdays. Our travelers spent the afternoon at the adolescent center and even let some of the girls practice their new skills on them!

Danielle shows off her new hairstyle

Janet is treated to a manicure by one of the girls in the beauty class
Colorful nail art!

We doubt Yvonne knew she’d be getting a manicure in Nicaragua!
Braids all around!
The girls like practicing their skills on the travelers
More manicures! 
Moses helping Tia Justa with a juice break


After spending the day with the older kids at the adolescent center, our travelers worked up a pretty substantial appetite! Thankfully, our friends at Las Tías whipped up a delicious feast that featured fried plantains, black beans and rice with salsa, marinated pork with yuca and a carrot and cabbage salad, fried pork rinds, sweet bread, hibiscus tea, and even more!



Anyone else getting hungry just looking at this picture?
After dinner, it didn’t take too long for a dance party to begin…


Magno showing Constance some new moves


Sandra presenting Janet with her traditional Nicaraguan cup


Gladys, Las Tías’ new accountant, presents Yvonne with her Nicaraguan cup 


In interacting with the children, adolescents, staff, families, and alumni of Las Tías, the participants on the trip have been able to see Spark’s innovative partnership model firsthand. Through the support of Spark, Las Tías has been able to expand its programming and reach even more vulnerable children in the local community.


Thank you to all who joined us in Nicaragua last month. Is your interest piqued? It’s never too early to start researching our next partnership trip