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La Comida!

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Amy Jackman serving lunch to a hungry student

During a Q & A with some of the students served by Las Tias, one of our travelers asked a heartfelt question to the kids: “What is it that you love most about Associacion Las Tias?” The question was translated and immediately a girl towards the back said, “la comida!”, at which point all the other kids started to laugh and nearly fell off their chairs. “The food!” she had said.

And while that wasn’t the answer everyone expected, her response was both honest and significant. Many of the children served by Las Tias come from homes where they will be fortunate to have some beans, rice and a tortilla or two as their food for the day. But at Las Tias, both the children’s and adolescent centers serve nutritious meals each day to the 150 kids served by their programs.

Constance keeping the girls company while they eat

Yesterday at the children’s center, the meal was pasta with cheese, chicken and vegetables and a banana for dessert. Our travelers had the opportunity to support with the pre-meal hand washing, serving the food, and the post-meal tooth brushing program, and then to enjoy that same meal ourselves along with the staff of the center.

Spark Associate Board Member Matt Freund helping to wash hands

Spark supporters are currently helping to fund these meal programs, which eventually will be financially sustained through our own agricultural farm in the mountains of Nicaragua.

Bobby and Janet serving up some pasta with Tia Violeta supervising

Janet Freund was a dental hygienist and brought new toothbrushes for the centers – here with girls brushing their teeth after lunch.