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Juegos con los niños

  |   community programs, education, nicaragua, partnership trip, report from the field, travel

The partnership trip to Nicaragua may be over, but the memories have stuck with our travelers! Some of the most fun and rewarding experiences during the trip come when we get to interact with the children of Las Tías through games and activities.

The travelers started the day with a trip from the hotel to the center

Amy brought an interesting “stained glass” project for the kids at Las Tías to work on with the travelers. Arts and crafts are a great way for the children to learn and interact with the adults. This particular project centered on helping the children learn the names of colors in English (and allowed the travelers to practice their Spanish!) while getting some one-on-one attention.

Yvonne and her partner working on their “stained glass” window together

Danielle practicing her Spanish by chatting with her partner, Miriam

The travelers posing with their arts and crafts partners for the day!

After the arts and crafts session, the group headed outside to play a game to build on the color activity. The kids divided into three teams and Elly yelled out a color in English or Spanish. The kids would run to the mural and touch the color on the wall. Whoever got there first and correctly identified the color would win a point for his or her team. The kids also named their teams–the Champions, the Purple Turtles, and the Pumas. The Champions won, very fittingly!

Waiting for Elly to start the game

The travelers got in on the game!

Racing to the mural!

The travelers and children of Las Tías later engaged in another arts and crafts project–origami! Here the kids show off their origami cats created with their partners.


Arts and crafts are a great way for the children to engage with adults and receive warmth, encouragement, and attention.

The days spent playing and interacting with the children of Las Tías are always a highlight of the trip for our travelers. They all enjoy getting to know one another and forming cross-cultural relationships that create lasting impressions.