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The Warmest Welcome from our Zambian Friends

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Our first full day in Zambia began early and (as always) was filled with learning, dancing, and eating with the children and staff at Hope Ministries. Upon arrival at the Hope campus, we were greeted with a joyous welcome program. Staff and students alike enjoy welcoming their foreign friends by dressing up and performing dances. The best part about the welcome performance is when our trip participants let down their guard and join in.

Teachers and students of Hope Community School dancing their way to the welcome program.

A new, temporary assembly facility has been built at Hope and allowed for all 300+ of the children, teachers, staff, and trip participants to escape from the sun.

Our fearless Board Member, Patti O’Neil (center) having fun with the students!
Teacher Dorcas, in green here, instructing Kristen, supervised all of us as we danced
and kept yelling “lower, lower… go lower…”
Each year, the children’s costumes and dances become more elaborate.
These students were about to debut a new warrior dance for the travelers!

After the energizing welcome program, our trip participants had time to socialize with the students and take part in the daily meal program.

Krista helped serve the lunch of nshima, vegetables, and soy pieces to the children.

Chirsta, a traveler from Chicago, is surrounded here by new friends. The children of Hope Community School and Orphanage are friendly, welcoming, and always energetic and eager to make new friends and to learn. 
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