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Beginning a New Decade at Spark Ventures

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Thanks to your partnership with us, Spark Ventures has reached its ten-year milestone. Together, we’ve had significant impact and it is with gratitude and anticipation that we share some exciting news about the future.


Our leadership team and board of directors have outlined a strategy that we believe will lead to more funding for our partners, increased sustainability for Spark and greater opportunities for people to experience our partnership work.


Moving forward, Spark’s impact travel program will be facilitated by a new sister company called Ignite. Ignite will continue to provide the same life-changing experiences to Spark supporters, while expanding to new individual and corporate audiences. This new structure will lessen the administrative and overhead burden on Spark while inspiring even more advocates and supporters through exposure to our partners abroad.



This decision also allows Spark to focus on funding and strategy for current and future partners. You will see continued emphasis on education and health, as well as income-generating initiatives that provide local revenue to our partner communities. We’ve learned that business driven philanthropy can take on many forms and we’re excited to share some of the new ideas Spark is considering in the coming months.


Lastly, as we begin our second decade, we are thrilled to be announcing a new international partner at our anniversary event on October 12, and we hope that you can join us in Chicago for that celebration.



Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You are an important member of Spark’s community and we value your continued partnership.


With gratitude,


Rich Johnson                          Patricia O’Neil
Cofounder & CEO                 Chair, Board of Directors


P.S. You can find more details about the Spark-Ignite partnership at