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Photo Journal: Healthy Teeth & Bright Smiles

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In May, during the bi-annual clinic at Hope Community School, we helped introduce a new dental hygiene program. It was a best practice that we learned from our partner Las Tías of Nicaragua and when we shared it with the school in Zambia, they were quick to implement. Following the meal program, students return to their class where the teacher calls out their name or a number and they retrieve their tooth brush, get some toothpaste. After stopping at the well to fill a cup with water, they head out to an anthill where they brush and rinse and spit in a small pit. I had fun following Teacher Tamara’s 3rd grade class through the whole process…

Teacher Tamara calls each student to retrieve their tooth brush and puts some tooth paste on it.
Lining up to go outside to brush.

On a mission…

There’s some competition to be first to get water from the well to help with the brushing.

Getting those important back teeth…

Brushing your teeth is more fun with friends!

Hanging out atop the anthill after brushing (and showing off a nice clean smile).

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