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Zambia Field Update: Nutrition Training

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Last week, we held a Nutrition Training for the moms and guardians of Hope children. Overall, the event was very successful and provided a new means for nutritional and community outreach.

The training was facilitated by two local nurses and led in a participatory, interactive style, where the women were asked about their own practices, shared feedback and were encouraged to ask questions. Thirty women attended the training collectively.

The training included three cooking demonstrations, explained by the local nurses and demonstrated by Hope teachers.

The group discussed which of the locally available foods are the most nutritionally dense and how they can be prepared in the healthiest of ways (ie: avoiding over-boiling, using less oil, etc). The nurses explained step by step best practices in this food preparation.

During the training, the women broke out drums and began dancing, creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for the duration of the two hour event.

After the cooking demonstrations, everyone had a chance to sample the dishes. Each woman received a bag of food that consisted of key ingredients found in the cooking demos that were taught. The women were also given an informational piece translated into Bemba about the meal recipes and their nutritional value.

    Each woman received information in Bemba that highlighted the benefits of the recipes covered:

    Ground Nuts

    • Protein to build muscles and blood cells
    • Vitamins to build immunity to fight infection

    • Vitamins to build immunity and improve health


    • Vitamins also

    Bondway with cooking oil

    • Vitamins, especially iron to improve blood and prevent and correct anemia
    Cooking oil
    • Small amounts such as 1 teaspoon are healthy to build tissues
    • Do not use a lot of oil it will destroy the nutrients of the Bondway

    Kapenta with ground nuts


    • Good source of protein to build muscles and blood cells

    Ground Nuts

    • Protein to build muscles and blood cells
    • Vitamins to build immunity to fight infection
    • You can also use a small amount of cooking oil

    Stay tuned for the full recipes shared at the training… 

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