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A new friend…

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I am in Zambia for the first time, and though I knew it would be an amazing experience, I was unprepared for just how incredible my time here would be. I knew I would fall in love with the kids at Hope as soon as I got here, but as one of our trip participants said this evening, I didn’t realize how quickly I would form an intense bond with some of them.

Lydia (center) and her friends
Every day this week, I have spent time with a 13-year-old girl named Lydia. She is quite and reserved, but quick to smile. As far as I can tell, she’s the Hope School champion Chiengaplayer, which is a game she’s been doing her best to teach me. It is similar to what I know as jacks, but it’s played by tossing and catching a stone while moving other stones in and out of a circle. I’m terrible at it. But, Lydia is a patient teacher – giggling when I try and count my rocks in Bemba (so far I can only count up to three). She wins every time, but I’m getting better.
After my time here this week meeting the Hope staff in person, talking to the teachers and seeing their incredible dedication, I know Lydia is in good hands. She tells me she wants to be a nurse, and I think she would make an incredible, patient, and caring nurse – and, I believe the foundational education and support she is receiving will help her have the potential to achieve that dream.
I have told my new friend that I promise to practice Chienga before I return to Zambia so next time I see her, I can keep up!


P.S. Check out a few more pictures from today below…
Bing, and her reading partner, Anname

Collaborating on an art project

Some of Hope’s budding artists

Sisters, and dedicated painters, Jasmine and Bing

Peter and Aaron giggle as they try blowing bubbles with bubble gum

Jen, painting the outside of the computer room

Duncan… always the ham…

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