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9 Ways to Support Spark Without Spending Money!

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If you are excited about our the way we lift children out of poverty through our sustainability-focused partnership model, there are many ways that you can show your support- even without financial investment!

One of the main steps in growing Spark’s base of support is via awareness of who we are, what we do, and the impact that our work has. Social media is the best way to help us spread the word. Whether via Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or simply forwarding links to our news articles or e-newsletters, you can help us tremendously!

  1. Find us on Facebook and give our page a like! We frequently update our page with photos, events, and stories from our partners abroad, so make sure you look for us in your news feed.

  2. Share our Facebook posts on your own wall! Introduce your friends, family and network to Spark and our amazing friends and partners we support in Zambia (and coming soon… Latin America!)

  3. Tag us on Facebook and spread the word! To tag us, include @SparkVentures to ensure that your content is included on both your wall and ours. (The @ symbol will disappear but the name and link to Spark will remain.)

  4. Follow us on Twitter @SparkVentures! We would love to connect with you and share tweets, not to mention provide a platform where we interact with other like-minded organizations and discuss relevant topics of interest.

  5. If you see a tweet that strikes your fancy, retweet it or tweet directly about content we’ve posted with a link to our page. That will greatly help in increasing Spark’s exposure to new friends.

  6. If you have your own blog, consider referencing Spark Ventures. The easiest way to do that is to copy & paste the link to our website,, or directly to the article of interest.

  7. Check out Spark’s YouTube Channel to share and “Like” our videos.

  8. Help us reach our goal! We currently have a goal of getting 2,500 Facebook fans and 1,500 Twitter followers by the end of May, so consider sending a quick email to your friends and family with an introduction and links to Spark Ventures. And, if you’re able to invest in Spark financially, thank you in advance, consider the Spark Fund-a fun monthly giving program where you get to vote on which project to fund!

  9. Encourage your friends to sign up for our newsletter! We only send out periodic emails, and we’ll never share or sell your information.

Many thanks for being a fan and supporter of Spark Ventures! We couldn’t do what we do without you.

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