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Two Fun Stories

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It’s been an action packed few days, and we’re now in Livingstone after a short trip to Lusaka to see the farm. I’m excited to share two of the best stories from the past couple days!

  1. It turns out you can buy absolutely anything from your car while waiting in traffic in Lusaka. At first, while waiting in the interminable traffic, I was surprised to find young men selling car seat covers, walking from car to car showing off their wares. Then I was amazed when one young man walked by holding a pair of shorts, apparently for sale to the kind of driver who doesn’t mind not trying clothes on before purchase. But that did not compare to the utter shock I experienced when one gentleman walked by holding a PUPPY for sale! I suppose one man’s street is another man’s mall. 🙂
  2. We took some of the Hope staff, including farm manager Mr. Tembo, to dinner on Friday. After being picked up from our hotel, we drove through Lusaka to pick up board chairman Roy Kaonga. As we stepped into the car, we noticed an odd smell, but we ignored it as best we could. I noticed Mama Agatha turn around in her chair to look in the trunk, and suddenly she said, “Oh! There are chickens!” Sure enough, we turn around and see ten of Hope’s chickens silently waiting in the back to be delivered to Roy, who purchased them earlier in the day. Good to know: Hope offers delivery service!
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