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Surprises Are the Best Part.

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After a rather structured morning that took us around Ndola to see and learn about the effects of colonialism, slavery and HIV/AIDS, Jamie, one of our trip participants, and I were certainly feeling a bit weighed down.

I find that it’s precisely in these moments when Zambia finds a way to show us its beauty and joy.

We had lunch with the kids at the school, waiting in line the way they do every day in the hot sun for the free meal at Hope, which for many of them is the only hot, nutritious meal they get each day.

Afterwards, Jamie’s sponsored child, Jane, spontaneously suggested that we go for a walk through the neighborhood. Little did we know that she wanted to take us to her house so that we could meet her family. Despite our not having given any notice of our arrival, we were welcomed into the modest cement home, which houses seven people in two bedrooms.

Jane’s parents were incredibly gracious and conversed with us happily while the rest of the group of 20 or so schoolkids who had followed us horsed around. Shortly, after warm smiles and a bit of conversation, we said our goodbyes and walked back to the school.

To me, it’s these moments of unexpected meetings and hospitality that make me love Zambia and relish my time here. It’s been a beautiful day in every way, and I’m excited for our next two days in Ndola!

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