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Rowdy Kids, Bright Futures

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Although in Zambia education is supposedly free from Grades 1-9, costs for school fees, uniforms, books and supplies add up to the point that many students cannot afford to complete even this level of basic education.

To ensure that Hope’s Grade 7 graduates (who have performed above the national average two years in a row!) are able to continue their education, Hope gives scholarships to its graduates to continue their education at local government schools. I was lucky enough to sit with these students this afternoon.

It was a rowdy scene (naturally, given that we had about thirty teenagers in a room on a Saturday afternoon), but truly inspiring. The students were invested in their education, asking questions about what kind of support they might get and what support they should work to find on their own.

I’m excited to see how these students continue to represent Hope, Spark and our successes for years to come!

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