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Reunions and an Interesting Cultural Lesson

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It’s been a morning of reunions here at the Hope Ministries office. It is always fun to see and reconnect with the wonderful Hope staff members like Pastor Judy, Ba Margaret and Mama Agatha as well as meet the newest staff members, including Thelma and Phoebe, who work in the Hope office.

Mama Agatha is one of the house mothers at Hope House, and she is a lively and energetic woman who always gives me some of my best stories each time I visit. She did not disappoint this morning when, as soon as I walked in the office door she said, “You look fat!” with a warm and generous smile.

Funnily enough, Charles had just detailed to me yesterday how in Zambia, it is considered a very good thing to be fat, or plump at the very least. It demonstrates that you are well cared for and have enough money to stay well fed, so I happily joked around for a while about my plumpness. (Still, you can imagine that I won’t be wearing this outfit again!) 🙂

Another day, another lesson in cultural similarities and differences!

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