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I love when I get to provide training workshops to Hope staff during my trips here. It’s always fun and educational both for me and (hopefully!) for the staff as well.

Today I gave a workshop on managing change that was an absolute blast. I’ve found it’s usually most helpful to include some sort of exercise, game or competition during the trainings that helps illustrate the issues being discussed. So I had the staff break up into teams and use a single sheet of paper and a single piece of tape to put together some sort of device that would hold up as many books as possible.

I told them they had four minutes, but half way through, I stopped them and had the half of each group switch to another team. There was quite a lot of mayhem, but in the end we crowned a winner and got to discuss (generally and using the exercise as a specific example) how change is only good or bad based on how you choose to adapt to it, which the Hope leadership thought would be a timely lesson given Hope’s steady growth and success.

It was a blast watching all the staff members scramble and argue and laugh over the exercise. I even got so caught up in the training I forgot to take any pictures, so you’ll just have to believe me that it was a riot! As always after giving a training here, I am incredibly energized and feel encouraged that the work we’re doing is supporting the development of leaders who will help change the community. Yay, change! 🙂

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