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Two Days, 253 Children

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The lack of health care for children in Zambia is one of the most difficult challenges this country faces. For that reason, we help to facilitate a clinic twice per year for all students and staff at the Hope School. This November was the first time that Hope Ministries ran the clinic without the support of nursing students from North Park University, yet they still managed to see over 250 children over two days time!

A child from the Hope School talking to a nurse
Children checking into the clinic


  • All the children were available were screened and supplied with tooth brushes and all minor ailments treated.
  • Generally all the children looked healthy.
  • There was team work and good organization.
  • There were enough logistics in terms of drugs and equipment.
  • All the children were de-wormed.
  • The children were educated on proper oral and general hygiene.

A nurse teaching the children about oral health care

Common Ailments/Diseases Treated:

  • Diarrhea and abdominal pains due contaminated drinking water from shallow wells in the compounds.
  • Ring worms on the scalp and other worm infestations.
  • Poor oral hygiene/rotten teeth for a few children.
  • About 36 children were found to be malaria positive.
  • Upper respiratory tract infection – Most children came with the complaint of coughing and sneezing and headache.
The wonderful staff members that spearheaded the clinic

The success of this clinic was a big win for Hope Ministries and its sustainability/independence. With your support, Spark helped to fund this clinic, but we hope eventually that the profits from the poultry farm will be able to sustain the clinic and Hope Ministries’ other programs.
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