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The Charming Rita and Akima

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Hi all! It’s been another productive day as we managed to get updates and letters for more of the students who had missed class on previous days this week. Shortly after finishing our work on updates and letters, we had a quick lunch and started our Transformation Stories. Today we followed the stories of Rita and Akima, two amazingly talented young girls who are being educated at Hope Community School.

While walking with the girls and seeing their energy, their intelligence and their passion for learning, it was hard not to imagine what these girls’ lives might be like if they were born to slightly wealthier families or in a slightly wealthier country. Rita is constantly reading and loves nothing more than learning. She and Akima both attend school every day in a country where many of their peers cannot or choose not to attend school. The drive and discipline these girls display despite the difficulties of their daily circumstances are nothing short of amazing.

After an inspiring afternoon with these two lovely and hilarious girls, we spent a few hours waiting for our ride, a common occurrence here, and had a good time catching up with Mama Maureen while waiting. We got to talk with her about her family and share about our past travels, and she even offered to come to America to help raise any future children I might have! It was quite the productive day. 🙂

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