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Finding a Future: The Story of Bright Mambwe

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Spark Ventures has some impressive numbers that help tell about our success….45,000 meals served last year, over $100,000 raised for a poultry farm, more than 300 children receiving free education at our partner school in Zambia. But sometimes the best way to communicate the impact of Spark and our investing community is to tell the story of a child.

For the next three weeks we will be featuring the stories of Chansa, Astridah and Bright, whose lives have been improved and whose futures hold more promise than they did before. We hope you’ll take the journey with us, forward the link to this blog, and leave a comment or two….

Bright Mambwe

This is the small mud house that Bright and his family rent for 100,000 Kwacha ($20 USD) per month.

Bright lost his mother years ago to AIDS, and when his father, Winter, tested positive for HIV, Winter knew he needed to plan for the future of his children.
Touched by Bright’s story, Head Teacher Ng’oma accepted him into Hope Community School, the first school Bright had been able to attend in over a year.
Bright has been thriving in the third grade, where he learns from Teacher Judy. He loves studying math and playing soccer with his friends.

Bright loves airplanes and dreams of being a pilot one day, a dream that his education is helping to make possible.

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