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Secession and Zombies

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I’m back in the office after another great and busy day. After heading back to the office from the school yesterday, I did some work on financial forecasting for the poultry farm before heading home to find the four North Park students that will be staying with the Mulandos hanging out with Mama Lillian and Nkhongono, her youngest son. We had a delicious dinner and got to hear the North Park students’ stories from the long trip over to Zambia.

Dinner gave way to a great discussion with Uncle J (Mama Lillian’s husband) about African politics and the future of southern Sudan, where there will be an election in January that will decide whether it will secede from the north. Uncle J is an accomplished journalist and always brings an incredible (and hilarious) perspective to the news of the day. On a much less serious note, I was excited to introduce Nkhongono to Plants vs. Zombies, an absurb yet shockingly addictive game that I have on my iPhone. With that, we called it a night, off to dream lovely dreams about secession and zombies. 🙂

This morning has proven a success, with further discussions with Teacher Ng’oma about the enrollment process and school in general. A brief conversation about the poultry farm with Charles and Sandie, the chairman of Hope Ministries’ board of directors, has me ready to finish up the forecasting and continue to think through the training and work I have ahead of me. It’s been great to have time to talk through the processes here and see where I might be able to add value to an already extraordinary organization. Here’s to two and a half more weeks of productivity and success!

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