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One Flight Down, Three to Go

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I’m currently waiting in London Heathrow airport for my next flight, which will get me onto the African continent, dropping me in Johannesburg, South Africa before another flight that will take me to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. From there I take a short flight to my final destination of Ndola. The idea of three more flights is a bit daunting, but after sleeping off and on in Heathrow, I’m feeling more rested and ready to take on the rest of this travel (as well as a bit of work along the way!).

As a side note, I find that airports are always such great places for people watching. My most hilarious people-watching moment so far this trip: seeing a grown woman (my guess is early 30’s?) staring for a good five minutes at her exposed navel for no apparent reason. Couldn’t figure that one out.

Well, on I go to tackle the rest of these flights. I just took my first malaria pill (a bit late since you’re supposed to start taking them two days before you arrive), so it is really sinking in that I’ll be in Zambia soon. Talk to you all again from Ndola!

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