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The Voyage

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After nearly 30 hours of travel, I have finally arrived in Ndola, Zambia, home of our partner, Hope Ministries!

The journey was long, though surprisingly entertaining. The man sitting next to me on the flight to London had very clearly had a few preparatory drinks, and so introduced himself two or three times during the flight, each time asking if he’d already introduced himself. A broken video screen on that flight meant that when I was not reintroducing myself to this man, I could actually get some sleep instead of watching Monsters Inc. over and over again, so all in all it worked out well!

Before falling asleep for the majority of the flight to London, I wrote letters to the two kids whom my fiance and I sponsor, Anna and Steward, using what most people would likely think of as nauseatingly cute stationery. I did feel a little awkward as the man sitting next to me watched me pull out a stack of papers with cartoon hamsters, koalas, rainbows and hearts all over, but I think Anna and Steward will appreciate the effort! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to bringing all the letters that sponsors have written to their kids. Last time we went, the kids seemed so excited for the pictures and notes.

The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful and quick, and it was so great to see Charles (the Executive Director of Hope Ministries) at the airport when I finally made it to Ndola! I’ve already unpacked, and I’m ready to attack the week, which should be fun and action packed.

I wanted to leave you all with a photo of the best moment of my trip over, but I’ve forgotten to bring the cord to my iPhone, on which I took the photo! I’ll leave you instead with the idea of it: “American Cheeseburger” flavored potato chips in the London airport. I seriously regret not purchasing them…

Talk to you all again soon! I am about to head out to have dinner with my great host family, the Mulandos, and prepare for tomorrow’s full day of sponsorship updates, sponsorship letters and catching up with the staff and kids!

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