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Sponsorship Program Talks

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We had a meeting today with all of the teachers at Hope Community School and some of the administrative staff. Joann led a seminar on how our Child Sponsorship program works (from the Spark side) and they shared how it was working here in Zambia. We spent a lot of time talking about how to improve the program–for the children, the sponsors and ultimately both organizations. At one point it started to rain and we are in a school building with a tin roof and it was so loud you could barely hear anything. To my amazement, Joann sat up and increased the volume of her voice exponentially to continue presenting to them above the noise of the rain. Who knew she had those kind of lungs. I also learned that Joann is really great with kids on this trip. Every morning and evening she spends time with Nkongono and Somba–the two children who live in the home where we are staying. I hear that she is dissing my music preferences on this blog. The worst thing I’ve found out about her is that she used to eat Twinkie’s for breakfast. – Rich

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