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Rich & Joann – Day 1

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After three flights, 23 hours and not a lot of sleep, we finally arrived in Ndola yesterday morning! We started off the day on a really great note, hearing that the kids had finally moved into Hope House after a little luck from David and Nancy, who helped the electricians finally come to turn the power on. We had a great dinner at the new house with all the kids and staff, and I got my first taste of nshima, though I ate it with a spoon like a true westerner while the children ate with chopsticks that David and Nancy brought. It was quite a sight to see, a room full of kids stabbing their nshima and eating their rice one grain at a time!

We ended the night fairly early to get some rest after our long trip, and we woke up early this morning to have breakfast with David and Nancy and see them off. Before they left we had what was quite possibly the most hilarious hour and a half of my life in which we took photos of some mildly frightened kids with a very frightened chicken. The chicken, initially fairly cooperative, took a turn for the worse around the 100th photograph, so we switched to a chick, who as it turned out was not that much more cooperative. (In all fairness, I think our request for a docile chicken that wouldn’t try to run away was a bit of a stretch.) The photos turned out great, though, and the kids seemed to have a good time egging each other on. We’re off to get
started on the rest of our very busy week, so we’ll be back in the next couple days for another update!

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