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Day Two Of Mosquito Net Project

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It was off to the school yesterday after a brief visit to the office and orphanage. We both spent time reading with the younger children and David taught some of the children to tell time. David thought this went quite well until Nancy reminded him that there are no clocks or watches in any of the children’s homes. While Nancy served lunch (as David is now barred from lunch duty), David assisted some of the older boys in helping to clean out the new orphanage. Hope is waiting for the new electric line to be dropped before the children can be moved into the new orphanage.

Then, assisted by the staff from the office and school, we marched into the streets of Twapia to begin the mosquito net distribution.  We went into eight homes, installed the nets and gave instructions to the families of the proper care and use of the nets. At the same time, David took and printed out a photograph of the family for them to keep. All of the families were so happy to have the mosquito nets and the bonus of a family picture. It was so hot and humid and as we walked through town all we could do remember how cold and snowy Chicago is right now.

Then back to the school for distribution of 80 more mosquito nets, Nancy was assisted by the Hope staff while David (now the official photographer of Zambia) took photographs of all the families. This time, the mothers decided that they wanted the mosquito nets with them while they were photographed. After Nancy finished distributing the nets she helped David and by 4:30 or so we were all done with the net distribution and the pictures. Off to an hour visit at the orphanage for reading and learning how to tell time. David has it in his head he is going to teach everyone in Zambia how to tell time as if by knowing how that they will be on time.

We were exhausted, hot and filthy when we arrived back at the hotel. This was a night where we were to have dinner by ourselves and then we had to print out the photographs. We ended up meeting gentlemen from Cape Town who joined us for dinner. Finally, we were both so tired, we ended collapsed in our beds. Another day was waiting for us.

Here are some more pictures we were finally able to upload:

  • Denise | Feb 5, 2010 at 1:05 am

    Those children are so sweet!! Love how you are teaching people with no clocks how to tell time David 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!!

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