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Travel With Spark Ventures + Ignite

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Travel is in our DNA


For the past 10+ years we have brought over 500 travelers to Zambia, Nicaragua and Mexico to see our work in action. These trips are unforgettable journeys bringing to life our unique approach to philanthropy and our on-the-ground partnerships.

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Our experiences are culturally empowering, mutually beneficial and focused on lasting impact. Take part in meaningful engagement with community leaders and see our work first-hand while experiencing the best of the countries we work in. Our expertly curated adventures will introduce you to unique cultural highlights, historical insights & natural wonders while you enjoy accommodations in boutique hotels with exceptional meals.

Spark Ventures + Ignite


a partnership to change your world


Spark Ventures is excited to now offer our trips through Ignite, a recently launched sister company. Spark will remain strategically involved in these experiences and the interactions with our partners, while Ignite will ensure seamless execution in planning and logistics. Together, we believe this combination will maximize the positive impact for everyone! More on the Spark Ventures + Ignite partnership here.

 Upcoming Experiences


Clicking each trip below will take you to the Ignite site where you can find full trip details and book your experience.


Zambia: Signature Experience

9 Days  //  July 15-23, 2018  //  FAMILY FRIENDLY!


More Details


Mexico: Signature Experience

4 Days  //  October 25-28, 2018  //  FAMILY FRIENDLY!


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Zambia: Signature Experience

9 Days  //  July 14-22, 2019  //  FAMILY FRIENDLY!


more details coming soon

Visit Ignite for more details, and to sign up for updates on upcoming experiences.

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