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Spark Ventures + Ignite FAQ

Spark Ventures is excited to now offer our trips through Ignite, a recently launched sister company. Spark will remain strategically involved in these experiences and the interactions with our partners, while Ignite will ensure seamless execution in planning and logistics. Together, we believe this combination will maximize the positive impact for everyone!


Why did Spark decide to shift trips to Ignite?


Two main reasons. First, we believe this new partnership with Ignite will dramatically increase the number of people who become familiar with and passionate about our work – this will ultimately help Spark and our partners become more sustainable. Second, this decision makes Spark Ventures an even more streamlined and efficient organization – focusing on providing funding and strategy to current and future partners.


Has Spark’s mission/vision changed?


No. Spark continues to exist to build partnerships that lift communities out of poverty. We provide strategic support and funding to organizations investing in education, health and social enterprise solutions that empower and sustain.


Will trips continue to be promoted and communicated through Spark?


Yes. We will continue to share opportunities to travel to Spark’s partners, but now these trips will be run through Ignite. You will always find the dates, locations and high level details for these experiences posted on our website and mentioned in emails and other communication.


How much will the trips change?


In short, very little! Traveling to visit Spark’s international partners will follow the same itineraries, be facilitated by current/former Spark staff and include the activities you’ve come to look forward to. If anything, we think the trips will improve!


Will the trip pricing increase?


Under Spark Ventures, trips have increased slightly (~5%) each year due to inflation, changes to in-country costs, or adjustments to improve the itinerary. That will continue with Ignite, but in general, the pricing will remain similar.


Will a portion of my trip fee continue to go directly to the partners?


Yes. Since Spark started offering these trips, around 5% of the trip fee from each person goes directly to support a project, program or need of the partner. Ignite will continue that commitment.


How will I pay for the trips?


You will sign up for and pay for the trip through Ignite – via their website or by sending them a check.