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A Place of Joy & Learning…


In 2010, the Iyers family helped build the Shelby Goldstein Schoolhouse at Hope Community School in Zambia in loving memory of their niece. With the support of Spark Ventures and the hardworking teachers at Hope, over 300 of the area’s most vulnerable children have received a high quality education in this schoolhouse, each year, for the past decade.

10 Years of Growing…


The schoolhouse became the cornerstone of Hope’s campus and inspired the construction of several new buildings including additional classrooms, a preschool, library and auditorium. Ten years later, Shelby‘s love of learning and her joyful spirit lives on – not only in the original schoolhouse, but in the entire campus that has become a thriving community providing a high quality education, healthcare, nutrition, and jobs in an environment that is safe and nurturing.


Please help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Shelby Goldstein Schoolhouse by making a donation to purchase one or more new sets of desks and chairs for the classrooms. The goal is to buy at least 300 desks and chairs!

Help us celebrate and ensure another ten years of learning in this special school for all of the amazing students at Hope!

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