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Nicaragua is experiencing significant political and social turmoil. In the past decade, Nicaragua was one of the most politically stable Central American nations – the second poorest in the western hemisphere, but with relatively little violence and unrest compared to its neighbors. But, recent upheaval has caused serious violent protests, blockades and demonstrations – resulting in the deaths of at least 180 people in the past 2 months.


For more background on this unrest, we point you to this piece by our co-founder Rich Johnson, or this recent New York Times summary of the 2-months of conflict.


In the midst of this national turmoil, our partners at Las Tías continue to provide critical nutrition, education and healthcare to some of their community’s most vulnerable children. The protests and blockades have caused food shortages making Las Tías’ meal program even more critical for these vulnerable kids. The demonstrations have been violent and have significantly impacted the daily lives of those in León, the home of Las Tias’ community centers. The on-staff psychologist and social worker are now even more important resources for children who have experienced traumatic events and are living in the midst of uncertainty and instability.


Unfortunately, we recently received word that one of their other supporting organizations stopped providing critical funding, including funds needed to pay the on-staff psychologist. This organization was providing funds via profits from a local, sustainable tourism business but due to tour cancellations (because of the unrest), they are no longer able to continue their financial commitment to Las Tías.


Because the children are in dire need of support during this critical time, we are working with Las Tías so they can continue paying their psychologist. But in order to enable them to continue their critical work, we need to raise additional funds.


Will you join us and stand alongside Las Tías in this incredibly challenging time for Nicaragua?


Help us provide funding necessary to keep the psychologist and other staff members working to serve over 150 vulnerable children and their families during this critical time. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 in emergency funding.

Our goal?


in emergency funds

Our current total?

updated 8/01/18


All funds raised will go directly to support Las Tías, funding critical needs like the salary for their on-site psychologist.

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Las Tías was started by 8 business women in 1989 after the revolution in their country. They began reaching out to street children and nearly 30 years later, they have two thriving community centers providing meals, education, health care, and job skills training – serving over 150 youth annually. For more information on the impact of your contribution, check out this powerful video.