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Honeybee Quiz

The answer?


40,000 bees!!




One hive can support between 20,000 and 60,000 bees at any given time. The hives on our joint venture farm in Nicaragua hold well over 1 million honeybees – all buzzing away as busy as can bee.


The bees are a key part of Spark Ventures’ innovative work to provide sustainable local jobs as well as financial support for high-impact community programs.

Honey Pre-Orders


The vast majority of the honey produced on the farm in Nicaragua is sold locally. However, we are able to bring limited quantities back to Spark Ventures HQ in Chicago to share with supporters. Pre-order a jar from one of our upcoming harvests here. We can promise it will be some of the best honey you’ve ever tasted. But, act quickly – we are only able to offer a limited number of jars at a time.


Delivery expected in November 2017

Honey Pre-Order