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Bricks to Books


Driven and determined by the emotional impact of their first trip to Zambia, staff from Lincoln Park Preschool and Kindergarten (LPP) arrived home with a clear vision; to address the tremendous need for high-quality books at Hope Community School in Zambia. LPP partnered with Spark Ventures to provide new textbooks for each student in 2017, and has made the commitment to support construction of Hope Community School’s first library in 2018. The new library will open up enormous possibilities for these young learners, who until now, have had very little access to reading materials outside of the classroom.


“Leaders are readers, readers are leaders. I am a leader of today and tomorrow. Books will make me a better reader.” – Eneless Ng’andwe, Grade 5


While the new library is under construction, the Spark Ventures Associate Board has taken on the task of fundraising to outfit the new space with quality reading materials. Join us to help raise sufficient funds for the first 1000 books in the library.


“Books in the library will help me to learn how to speak and write in English and other languages.” – Oscar Malama, Grade 3


Join us to ensure that the dedicated students at Hope Community School have the literary resources they need to achieve their potential.


On average, each book is just $5.



Purchase a books (or a bundle of books) here:

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updated 7/24/18
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Construction has begun on the Hope Community School Library. Join us to be sure there are plenty of books ready to fill the shelves after they lay the last brick!

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Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten has joined with Spark Ventures to help launch a new preschool in Zambia in 2017 and has now taken a leadership role in supporting the new library facility. LPP has committed to being a long-term partner with Spark Ventures on this initiative for the coming years, sending teachers, supplies and funds to help empower and create effectiveness and sustainability for the preschool program and the library initiative.


Lincoln Park Preschool & Kindergarten has a long history of incorporating giving back to their community in everything they do. One of the core values of LPP is the belief and intention that all children no matter their zip code deserve access to high quality early education. They strongly believe that all children have potential yet not all children are given opportunity.


Read more about the joint Preschool initiative on the Spark Ventures blog:

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