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Soaring To New Heights: The Impact Of Spark’s 2023 Wine & Dine

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        Thanks to the sponsors, donors, and participants of the 2023 Spark Ventures Wine & Dine, over $220,000 was raised to support Spark’s partnerships in Mexico, Chicago, Zambia, and Nicaragua. The donations of time, talent, and treasure made over the course of the evening will help lift communities out of poverty and empower future leaders. 


        Lasting and Sustainable Impact is made possible thanks to  Spark’s $15,000 level donations. These generous donations help Spark provide increased access to education, nutrition, healthcare, jobs and vocational skills training, and entrepreneurial opportunities. When implemented at Spark’s partner communities, this programming provides a lasting and sustainable impact. Thank you to those who donated at the $15,000 level!


        Spark’s partner communities support individual and community Empowerment. Thanks to donations at the $10,000 level, Spark can help empower entrepreneurs, families, youth, teens and their communities with high-quality, comprehensive programming and exposure to new opportunities. Just one gift of $10,000 can support over 20 future leaders for an entire year. Thanks to donations at this level, we will be able to support 80! Thank you to those who donated at the $10,000 level!


        Education is vital to sustaining individuals and breaking the cycle of poverty. At Spark’s partner communities, educational programming provided by Las Tias, Entreamigos, We Grow Chicago, and Hope Community School has a powerful impact on each participant. Gifts made at the $5,000 level can provide education for as many as 50 students annually. Thanks to donations at this level, Spark is able to support up to 350 students! Support of educational systems helps individuals reach their full potential. Thank you to those who donated at the $5,000 level!


        One of the ways to create sustainable solutions to poverty is through equal access to digital resources. Spark’s Capacity Building Through Technology has enabled significant investments in technology, and thanks to donations made at the $2500 level, those investments can continue. Support at this level can help purchase as many as 10 Chromebooks and supports computer literacy programs at Spark’s partners. As a result of these generous donations, Spark can provide 50 new Chromebooks! Thank you to those who donated at the $2500 level!


        Women Entrepreneurs around the world are receiving critical support from Spark. Donations given at the $1000 level provide financial support for two women to join the Women’s Entrepreneur group at Entreamigos, and continue to support businesswomen at all of Spark’s partner communities. Spark’s support of women entrepreneurs and their programming can lead to positive impact for 12 new women, their families, and their communities. Thank you to those who donated at the $1000 level!


        Education is a major breakthrough for cycles of poverty, but one that often becomes impossible to achieve when students are facing food insecurity. Nutrition in the form of reliable, healthy meals ensures that no student misses out on a quality education because of an empty stomach. Donations made at the $500 level can help feed as many as 50 children for one month in Zambia and Nicaragua. As a result of donations made at this level, Spark will be able to support the nutrition of 850 children! Thank you to those who donated at the $500 level!


        Donations made at the $100 level support an important program that truly transforms lives: Microloans. With a 30% poverty rate in Nicaragua and 50% in Zambia, microloans provide economic support with low-interest loans to empower entrepreneurs. Gifts of $100 can provide life-changing loans to 4 entrepreneurs and creates a path towards self-sufficiency. Thanks to Spark donors, 156 entrepreneurs can receive a micro-loan. Thank you to those who donated at the $100 level!


        Gifts at all levels support Spark’s programs and their partnership communities in the form of microloans, nutrition, women entrepreneurs, capacity building through technology, education, empowerment, and sustainable impact. Donations of time, talent, and treasure help Spark continue our mission of empowering individuals and providing sustainable solutions to poverty. On behalf of all of us at Spark Ventures, thank you for your meaningful contributions and incredible support!