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Our safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana far exceeded anyone’s expectations – including Rich, who has taken this trip countless times before.

The animals of all kinds are always impressive and breathtaking, but undoubtedly the highlight for everyone yesterday was catching a whole pride of lions on the move. Three lionesses, one beautiful male lion, and five adorable cubs bounding along in the middle of the day was a rare sight to be seen. Even our safari guides seemed thrilled at our luck.

Since words don’t do justice to the incredible day we had, I’ll try to simply share a few of the highlights with photos…

We started the day on a boat, cruising on the Chobe river. Here, at the helm, we find the three men on our trip.

Water Buffalo (left) are one of Africa’s “Big Five.” The female Kudu (right) paused just long enough for us to get a great glimpse of her amazing ears.

Chobe National Park is know for their elephants – we had seen many of them by the end of our game drive. We also caught a journey of giraffes running across the wet grasses and learned that when a group of them are running, they’re called a “journey” and when they’re grazing, they’re called a “tower.”

And the highlight… the pride of lions were just waking up from a mid-morning rest. The cubs were around two months old and bounced around the lionesses as they ambled down the road. The littlest one would sometimes lag behind and whenever he felt the distance got too far, he would let out the most adorable mini-roar/meow to get the group to wait for him.

We had such an amazing week with this group of travelers. To have your own adventure with Spark either in Zambia (or Nicaragua), check out our Partnership Trip page

  • HisFireFly | Feb 11, 2014 at 2:34 am

    my heart is already in Africa as we continue praying, planning and preparing for long term placement in Malawi

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