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Reflections from Zambia

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Coming to Zambia was my first time leaving the
USA in my 20 years of life. As you can imagine I was pretty nervous for the trip. Over 24 hours of travel as well as immersing myself in the culture of a new foreign country were very intimidating for me. Not only that but I was the financial leader of our group so I was in charge of all the money for the trip. All of these things were making me feel very uneasy about this trip.

Throughout the school year the trip seemed very surreal to me. It never really seemed like it was actually going to happen. Not up until I stepped on the plane had I had any uneasiness in my stomach but after that the traveling was very long and stressful spent with many different tangents of what would happen over the two upcoming weeks.

That being said these last two weeks have been truly rewarding. The people of Hope Ministries as well as all of the children from Hope school as well as Twapia have blessed me beyond belief. I have never felt more welcomed to a place in my entire life. My host mom, Mama Lillian was a huge help in making me feel comfortable, and her cooking was AMAZING. Ba Charles and his staff did a great job in teaching us a little Bemba so we could communicate a little bit with the kids. The kids in general made you feel so welcomed just by seeing their smiling faces and playing the little games they enjoy. Being a part of this trip is one of the best memories I have had in my life. The people of Hope and Twapia made me feel like Zambia is my second home.

Coming into these two weeks I thought I’d be ready to leave after one week was up, but now that my time here is ending I want to stay for another 2 weeks and don’t want to go home. I have truly enjoyed this place and these people and recommend that anyone take the opportunity to come to Hope School and serve.

-Cooper Lane
North Park University Class of ‘15

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