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Zambia Field Update: How Toilets Bring Sustainability

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The capacity building efforts that Spark Ventures supports in Zambia run the gambit. This includes supporting professional development opportunities for the teachers at Hope Community School, lending the expertise of a Spark board member to conduct financial audits, and, most recently, funding the construction of toilets and showers at the poultry farm in Lusaka.

Why do toilets and shower facilities make us so excited? Because they directly relate to sanitation priorities at the poultry farm, which in turn affect the success and profitability of the business. As the poultry farm increases in profitability, more and more funds will be allocated towards the community programs at Hope Village, creating local sustainability for Spark’s first partner in Zambia. This means the education, nutrition and healthcare Hope provides to the vulnerable children in Ndola will be available for generations to come.

How does this all come back to the installation of toilets on the farm? When the chicks arrive at the farm as day-old, little yellow puffs, they are very vulnerable. They huddle together around the heat lamps keeping warm. At this point and throughout the six week growth cycle, they are susceptible to a number of diseases. Keeping the highest possible standards for sanitation at the farm is critical to keep as many chicks alive during the cycle as possible. More healthy chickens at the end of six weeks means more profits for the farm.

Better sanitation facilities also mean happier, healthier farm workers who can then focus their efforts on raising healthy broods each cycle.

And, that’s how new toilets lead to healthier chickens, which in turn leads to sustainability for Hope!

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