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Report from the Field: Zambia Clinic May 2013

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This week, we opened the doors to one of the biannual clinics during which Hope provides medical care to the 350 children they serve. The lack of healthcare for children in Zambia is one of the most difficult challenges this country faces. Supported by a group of dedicated students from North Park University, the clinic provides critical treatment to keeping the kids at Hope Community School happy, healthy and ready to learn. The clinic has been a huge success!
Here are some highlights:

Common Ailments & Diseases Treated
The biannual clinics provide a basic medical check-up, including:

Dental Hygiene

This clinic will include an exciting new focus on dental sanitation and cavity prevention. Besides toothbrushes they get to take home, each child will receive a toothbrush to be kept at school and used after the meal program each day. During the last clinic that Spark supported in January 2013, one of the biggest areas of need that was discovered was early dental care and daily brushing for children in grades 1-4, in order to prevent the high levels of tooth decay and cavities found in their slightly older classmates.

Nutrition Education

An additional new development for this year’s clinic – on Friday, May 24th, the North Park team and a local teacher & nurse committee will host a nutrition and cooking training. They will include basic nutrition education along with a corresponding cooking training to help demonstrate the concepts introduced. This program will target a cohort of 50 mothers who have been identified as community leaders. Each woman will receive a food package to incentive participation and learning.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on the impact of the clinic!

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