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Fish Eyes and Other Animals

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We’ve had a truly lovely two days in Livingstone. Yesterday, after a magical trip to see Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, we arrived back at the hotel for a calm dinner at the hotel.

Scott ordered the bream, and as is common here, he was brought the entire fish from head to tail. I shared how many Chinese families serve fish the same way and how when I was a child my sister and I used to fight over the fish eyeballs. This naturally led to me being dared to eat Scott’s fish eyeballs as Jamie and Scott squirmed. 🙂

We rested a bit, and with an early morning we were off to Botswana for a day-long safari. No matter how often I come on these safaris, I am always in awe of everything we see. We were a mere few feet away from crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, babboons, hippos, meerkats and warthogs (not to mention a few giant dung beetles fighting over a piece of dung!). It was a beautiful day, and we relished our final dinner before we all go our separate ways today.

I will be headed home after nearly three weeks since I left. Jamie has an exciting two-week safari planned that will take her from Zambia through Botswana and Namibia into South Africa (how exciting!). Scott will return to Lusaka to work with Hope on the continued strategy and reporting of the farm. And Mama Agatha will return to the kids at Hope House, who have no doubt missed her over the last few days.

I will try to blog again through my journey home, but in the meantime, I’ll say thank you for following the blog! It’s been fun sharing the joyful, sad and ridiculous stories from the past three weeks!

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