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New Shoes at Hope School!

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Although the school year has ended for the students at Hope Community School in Zambia, the children were eager to return to their school during their December break for a very special event – to hear their test scores for the year. This event is very special to the children of Hope Community School, as those that do well in their courses are rewarded for their efforts in an incentives program designed by the local teachers and staff.
The rewards were based on the following categories in order to give students of all skill levels the opportunity to earn a reward:
-Best academic performance
-Regular attendance
-Most disciplined
Because of supporters like you, Hope had the joy of rewarding some of its most dedicated students with the gift of a new pair of shoes for their high year-end test scores! Although it’s something most of us take for granted, the gift of new shoes is a very special treat for these children, like Alex (age 11), pictured below. Hope even went so far so as to read good insole reviews and get the best shoes for the kids. Alex has lost both parents and was found selling kerosene in the market to help raise money to pay for food for his family. He is now a student at Spark’s partner school, where he receives a daily meal, free education and semi-annual health check-ups and treatment.
The gift of shoes is something that is treasured by children like Alex, and it’s a gift  that we are thrilled to be able to provide with your support. In addition to shoes, Hope Community School students like Alex also receive daily nutritious meals, and you can help provide three months of meals for one of these children for only $25 through Spark’s Meals4Hope program. Consider sharing your holiday giving with the children of Spark!
Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Spark family!
  • Lisa Marie | Dec 27, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    This is wonderful – the children look so proud and happy!

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