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Layover in London

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Hello again, all! After a slight delay in Chicago, I’ve made it safely to London and am now faced with the terrible decision of what brand (or if we’re being honest, brands) of delicious European chocolate to indulge in. 🙂

The flight to London, the first of four flights that will bring me to Zambia, was smooth and uneventful. I was very excited to find, as the boarding for the flight closed, that I had an aisle seat and the adjoining window seat all to myself. I suppose on long flights like this you have to be grateful for the little things!

I managed to sleep through the bulk of the flight, waking only for the couple of standard airline meals, which I still oddly find completely fantastic. My family and I used to travel to Taiwan quite often when I was younger, and I think I developed a nostalgic attachment to food on airplanes. Logically, I understand that this is pretty ridiculous, but somehow I still find something simultaneously soothing and exciting about having each part of my meal individually wrapped. 🙂

Well, I’m signing off for my next three flights, as I likely won’t have internet access at my stops in Johannesburg and Lusaka. Next time I chat with you, I’ll be in Ndola with our partner, Hope Ministries!

– Joann

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