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30 Hours and Counting…

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 It’s hard to believe that in just under 30 hours, I will be taking off for Zambia to visit Spark’s partner Hope Ministries! I will be joined shortly thereafter by Rich (Spark’s Executive Director), Brady Josephson (Spark’s Director of Resource Development) and a great group of Spark board members, investors and volunteers for our June 2010 Transformation Trip.

As the countdown ticks away, we are all working hard to pack up all the things that we’ll be taking over with us, which includes everything from letters that sponsors have written to their sponsored children to 100 pairs of donated Croc shoes and 500 sharpened pencils! I currently have a suitcase that is larger than I am awaiting my attention…

We have so much exciting work planned for this trip, and I know that we are all thrilled to get to see all the great Hope staff and kids again! On this trip, we’ll be updating sponsorship profiles, helping the children to write letters to their sponsors, doing training with the Hope staff and spending time learning from the staff about how things are progressing at the school, orphanage and upcoming farm! We’ll hear updates about plans for the poultry farm land that was purchased about a month ago, and we’ll even get to tour the land.

There should be lots of great updates from various Spark staff, board and volunteers while we’re on the trip, so check back for updates on the progress Hope is making (not to mention any embarrassing stories about fellow trip participants once we get too tired to keep our guards up!)

Off to pack the massive suitcase and dream of nshima!

– Joann (Program Director)

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