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Story of Hope

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I met twin boys named Moses and Joseph today who are now attending Hope School. Their parents died about 2 years ago and not even their relatives would take them in. An incredibly gracious woman in their village found them out by the side of the road and took them to the police station, where they turned around and gave her official guardianship of the boys. This woman, Bernadetta found out that the boys had tried to get their extended family to receive them after their parents died, but no one felt as though they could take them in. Bernadetta had 4 great/grand children of her own she was already caring for but she decided to care for Moses and Joseph as well. Bernadetta invited me to her home where she explained that she has no job and they live off of the vegetables in her yard–including maize (corn) which they dry and ground up for cornmeal as a staple carbohydrate. The boys are now enrolled in Hope Community School and receive meals and a good education there. I took some pictures and promised to share her inspiring story and explained that the Spark-Hope partnership will continue to support the boys as they attend Hope School. – Rich

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