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Obama Girl

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Last night, after catching up on sleep, we went to a welcome dinner at home of Charles and Margaret. For those who do not know, Charles is the local minister at Home Ministries and Margaret and Charles also oversee the community school and orphanage.  Besides our hosts, several other individuals from the school and orphanage attended. Maureen, one of the orphanage staff, showed up in an “Obama Girl” tee-shirt. We loved it and decided to send a photograph of it. We also printed out the photograph with the Polaroid printer that Nancy borrowed from her friend Marilyn. This morning we presented the photograph to Maureen, who was quite thrilled.
This being Sunday, off we went to church for 10:00 services. This also being Zambia, Charles picked us up at 10:35. Perfect!  It is quite hot and humid and sitting in church/ under a plastic blue tarp did not help. Once the singing began, the room was full of happy faces and great music. The music portions lasted for over an hour. At some point, Nancy was pulled into the group of woman dancing and she joined right in. Then it was David’s turn. Once again proving  that white man cannot dance. After a brief rest, we were up again to join the families, dancing and having a great time.  Once the church services were over, Nancy and I distributed over 100 tootsie pops to all of the children and a few adults.
Around 3:00 we went to the orphanage.  We had so much fun. Our appointed task was to take individual pictures of each of the kids and print them out with the printer. This proved to me a more laborious task then we expected. The kids each wanted to ‘review and approve” their photos and all of the staff wanted their photographs taken. Then the printer turned out to be real slow. We got it all done except for a few.
Tonight David and I hosted a dinner for 17 at the hotel. Good thing soccer was on so we didn’t have to do all of the talking. Everyone here is so very happy to have us back and all that Spark has done for Hope. We are treated as if we are rock stars!  Tomorrow is a non-stop day staring at 10ish as we like to say in Zambia. Good night David good night Nancy and good night to all of you in the USA!
Photos coming soon!

  • ann_humphrey | Feb 2, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Hi Nancy and David,
    Great to hear from you, what fun it is to follow your blog! Obama girl! Getting read to vote tomorrow. David, stay off the basketball court as well as the dance floor!

  • margaret | Feb 2, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Sounds like so much fun and an incredible experience! I can just imagine the two of you together being silly and fantastic. Thank God for the gutsey people in this world!Oh, and I’m so happy they are making you dance David-kind of like I do. Love you, Peg(I guess I’m Margaret now)

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